Gerdau MACSTEEL's NitroSteel Division has implemented a control-system upgrade supplied by United Process Controls (UPC). NitroSteel, based in Pleasant Prairie, Wis., replaced the controls of its 12-foot nitrocarburizing pit furnace to provide automatic control of the Nitrotec® process and to extend the furnace's processing abilities to a wider range of controlled processes, including nitriding. The process automation solution, based on the Protherm 400 programmable controller and H2Smart™ hydrogen analyzer, provides a high precision of nitrocarburizing control.

In addition, UPC installed a new gas panel with Waukee Flo-Meters™ for all process gases. The new controls increase the furnace's effectiveness by reducing maintenance and calibration time, increasing equipment availability and improving control performance as well as information display and data acquisition. UPC is an alliance of four companies: Furnace Control Corp., Marathon Monitors, Process-Electronic and Waukee Engineering.