VAC AERO Kalisz Sp. z.o.o. received a grant from the European Union Sectoral Operational Program for the “Improvement of the Competiveness of Enterprise.” The grant was based on expanding special-process capabilities for the heat treating and coating of shafts for gas turbine engines. As part of the expansion, VAC AERO Kalisz has installed a new vertical vacuum furnace and activation and coating equipment for coating internal and external surfaces. The furnace is a VAC AERO Model VAV4872 V-2, which is diffusion pumped and has a work zone measuring 48 inches in diameter x 72 inches high. It can be operated at temperatures up to 2400°F and at vacuum levels into the 10-5torr range.

VAC AERO also installed custom tooling for applying inorganic and plasma coatings as well as special testing equipment for inspection of coating quality. The company added 18 new employees to handle an anticipated 30% increase in production volumes resulting from the expansion in capabilities.