Core Furnace Systems (CORE), a multi-business unit company of the Tenova Group, and LOI Inc., the U.S. unit of Tenova LOI Italimpianti, have combined their business operations. LOI Inc. will be merged into and become another business unit of CORE, along with CORE’s existing Metal Making and Furnace business units. Employees of LOI Inc. have moved to CORE’s current Pittsburgh-based headquarters. The combination of the two companies will further consolidate and strengthen Tenova’s presence in the North American market. The combined company will offer an extensive reheating, heat-treating, carbon-processing and specialty industrial-furnace product line.

CORE designs and supplies reheat, heat-treating, specialty and carbon-processing furnaces as well as meltshop equipment and automation systems. LOI Inc. supplies industrial furnaces for the steel, aluminum and automobile industries. William Wolfe, LOI Inc.’s president, has retired.