Selas Heat Technology Co. LLC has acquired Pyronics Inc. and its subsidiaries from its owner. The combined companies have synergies that allow Selas to offer industrial burners, process burners, mixing systems and related combustion accessories and equipment. Selas, also known for its specialty high-temperature ceramics and refractory products, will add castable refractory capability through this transaction. The combined companies have operations in the United States (Montgomeryville, Pa., and Cleveland, Ohio), Germany, Japan and China.

Pyronics has been supplying combustion products and services to commercial manufacturers for over 60 years. Its line of products consists of mixers, blowers, valves, air heaters, flame-safeguard devices, package burners, nozzle-mix burners and self-recuperative burners. Since being acquired by Lionheart Ventures in 2005, Selas has invested several million dollars into production capacity and upgrades as well as product and applications development.