Allied Mineral Products, Inc. completed construction of a 92,000-square-foot addition and has begun operating out of the new space. This brings Allied’s total production and warehouse area to just under 500,000 square feet at its Columbus, Ohio, headquarters. Allied’s new facility includes 50,000 square feet for its American Precast Refractories Division (APR). The remainder of the area will be used to store and warehouse materials for Allied’s global operations. The increased space will expand APR’s precast refractory shape-making capabilities with specialized and enhanced shapes. The larger APR area houses seven new furnaces, which will improve flexibility in firing schedules.

The new APR space also includes a specialty-shapes room for controlled castings and a material hot room to optimize material casting properties. There is an area to accommodate high-volume production of small shapes and a grinding room to meet precise tolerances. The additional warehouse space will improve manufacturing flexibility and plant organization.