IR Thermometer

The new Modline 5 Series 5R Ratio Sensors are designed for noncontact infrared temperature measurement applications involving harsh industrial environments. They utilize a dual detector assembly that measures temperature by comparing infrared radiation levels in two wavelength bands (0.85 to 1.05 microns and 1.0 to 1.1 microns). Temperature readings are based on the ratio of the two signals in these bands. Because the sensors measure the ratio of radiation intensities at two wavelengths rather than the absolute intensity of radiation at a single wavelength, they are almost immune to error caused by loss of signal. Small targets that do not fill the field of view and partial obstructions from bursts of steam, dust and solid objects in their sight path, can be tolerated. The Modline 5 Series also provides a new attenuation alarming capability based on the proprietary Raytek signal attenuation measurement algorithm (U.S. patent No. 5,815,410), allowing users to adjust the alarm sensitivity level. By measuring the attenuation, the sensor can provide a notification alarm when attenuation levels exceed a user-defined set-point limit.