Turkey’s Assan Aluminium Sanaji ve Ticaret A.S. recently installed four SECO/WARWICK coil annealing furnaces equipped with high-convection Vortex Jet Heating for processing various sizes of coils. The furnaces are an integral investment in Assan’s program to renovate and expand its Standart Aluminium assets to a 100,000-tons-per-year complex for foil and specialty products. The heating system incorporates recuperative burners for maximum energy efficiency. The complete installation includes an automatic charging machine for furnace loading, unloading and load transportation between furnaces and load tables.

The Vortex Jet Heating system incorporates arrays of four round, inclined nozzles that generate a spiral vortex motion of air that results in high heat transfer without producing hot spots in the coil. This technology provides several benefits when compared to older technologies:
  • Reduced heat-up time without local overheating
  • Improved uniformity of material properties
  • Minimized local cracking and staining of milling oil
  • Reduced electrical consumption because the fan operates at a lower speed rather than a higher volume flow