Alcoa announced it has finalized new power agreements in Quebec through 2040. The agreements will supply clean, renewable energy to all three of the company’s aluminum smelters in the province – Baie Comeau, Becancour and Deschambault – and enable Alcoa to upgrade and expand Baie Comeau production. The agreements cover approximately 1.1 million tons per year, or more than 25% of Alcoa’s production. Alcoa plans to convert and upgrade the smelting technologies at Baie Comeau to be more environmentally friendly as well as expand output. The upgrade would reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 40%.

The Baie Comeau upgrades would also eliminate PAHs emissions from the Soderberg pots. The agreements are in line with a Memorandum of Agreement reached in March with Quebec’s government on a renewable energy contract to supply all three aluminum smelters with a combined 2100 megawatts of hydropower through Dec. 31, 2040.