Solar Manufacturing completed shipment of two large vacuum furnaces to a multidivisional manufacturer of diffusion-bonded porous metal products used for filtering, transpiration cooling and noise suppression. The furnaces were purchased for tightly controlled, high-temperature sintering of stainless steel, Monel, Inconel and Hastelloy. The maximum operating temperature of the hot zones is 2500°F with working dimensions of 52 inches wide x 32 inches high x 60 inches deep. The weight capacity of the graphite hearth and dedicated work loading truck is rated at 11,000 pounds.

The hot zones feature a Flex Shield hot face of .040-inch-thick carbon fiber, reinforced graphite foil and four layers of ½-inch-thick graphite felt insulation. Thin, durable graphite heating elements are cylindrically mounted and divided into multiple trim zones. The external gas-quenching system utilizes a high-capacity copper heat exchanger, 150-HP drive motor and radial fan blade for high-velocity quenching through forward-tapered graphite nozzles.