Quad Infotech Inc. recently installed the QMOS Level 2 system at Gerdau Ameristeel’s Jacksonville, Fla., facility. The system covers the plant’s meltshop, billet inventory, rolling mill, scheduling and quality control. The QMOS system will coordinate production operations from the scrap yard through the meltshop, billet yard and rolling mill to the bundling and shipping of finished product. The system features the latest version of ladle-management module that tracks the life of ladle components by the number of heats and/or hot-metal contact time. QMOS also includes a new application for auditing and physical count of inventory through hand-held devices.

The system has already helped the facility’s management team identify process issues and bottlenecks. Gerdau Ameristeel is the second-largest mini-mill steel producer in North America, with a capacity of over 9 million tons of mill-finished steel products annually. Quad Infotech is a software engineering and design company that specializes in the development of industrial computer software for the steel industry.