Alstom Power Systems has awarded a contract to LOI Industrial Furnaces for the supply of a 300-ton-capacity stress-relieving pit furnace. The furnace will consist of a fixed bottom section and four heating rings that can be added or removed to accommodate various part lengths. The parts will be processed in a protective atmosphere and heated via electrical elements located in the sidewalls of each ring. The furnace, which is scheduled for start-up in November 2009, will be installed at Alstom’s new Chattanooga, Tenn., plant.

LOI Italimpianti will provide a walking-beam furnace to be installed in COSIPA’s new mill in Cubatao, Brazil. The furnace has a production rate of 400-440 tons/hour. The furnace utilizes FlexyTech technology, features of which include:
  • Flameless burners ensure a lower flame temperature and a low NOx emission
  • Installation of lateral/frontals and roof burners permits the input of the heating where required and distributes it according to the positions and dimensions of the charge inside the furnace