Siemens VAI Metals Technologies received a contract from Russia’s Kaluzhsky Scientific Industrial Electrometallurgical Plant for the supply and installation of a new steelmaking meltshop. Siemens’ scope of supply comprises an ultimate-type electric-arc furnace, secondary metallurgical facilities, dedusting systems and billet caster. The new meltshop will be capable of producing 1.5 million tons of liquid steel per year. Carbon- and alloy-steel grades will be cast as billets and then rolled at the same site. The new facility is scheduled to start production in 2011.

The 120-ton/150-MVA EAF will incorporate five refining combined burners and three oxy-gas burners to accelerate melting and promote post-combustion, helping the shop to achieve its target of 40 heats per day. A 120-ton twin-station ladle furnace and an alloying/additive system will enable the adjustment of steel temperature and composition. Siemens will also supply the hydraulic and electrical systems and basic and process automation.