Nitrex Metal completed the start up of an NX-1015 nitriding system at AugustaWestland’s plant in Cascina Costa Di Samarate, Italy. The order is a direct result of research started 10 years ago with the intent to improve fatigue resistance of gears made of 32CDV13 and Nitralloy N steels for helicopter transmissions. Through Nitrex Metal’s Nitreg® nitriding technology, treated gears yielded improvements in fatigue endurance and wear resistance. The system was installed and started up in November 2008. AugustaWestland is one of the largest helicopter companies in the world.

Nitrex Metal has delivered and installed a turnkey nitriding system and Cosmos S.A., a privately held aluminum extrusion company based in Larissa, Greece. The order was made to support production capacity for the growing demand of architectural profiles in the region. The system will improve die reliability and help keep the extrusion process running at peak efficiency. Production started in December 2008.