Samlak Heat Treatment Co. of Busan, South Korea, received shipment of a turnkey nitriding system that will improve the lot-to-lot repeatability of high-volume production. Supplied by Nitrex Metal Inc. and started up in the fourth quarter of 2008, the system includes Nitreg-C potential-controlled nitrocarburizing, ONC in-process post-nitrocarburizing oxidation and Nitreg-S potential-controlled nitriding of stainless steels. Samlak is a commercial heat treater that serves markets including automotive and industrial machinery. Through the purchase of the system, Samlak hopes to set new quality standards for the South Korean heat-treating market.

Nitrex Metal is a member of United Process Controls, an alliance of five recognized companies (Furnace Control Corp., Marathon Monitors, Process-Electronic, Waukee Engineering) within the heat-treating industry that provide control solutions through their worldwide sales and services network. To date, Nitrex has over 250 installations in plants around the world.