A specialty medical-tubing manufacturer located in the eastern United States has received shipment of a horizontal vacuum heat-treating furnace from Solar Manufacturing. With a maximum operating temperature of 2500°F and a weight capacity of 6,000 pounds, this system is designed for high performance, low maintenance and energy-efficient results. The furnace was purchased for the heat treating and annealing of medical-grade stainless steel tubing. The working dimensions of the round hot zone measure 12 feet deep x 5.5 feet in diameter.

The furnace includes an external gas-quenching system utilizing a high-capacity copper heat exchanger, 300-HP drive motor and a radial-blade fan for high-velocity gas quenching. A 35-inch Varian diffusion pump allows for high vacuum performance of 1x10-5torr. The hot zone features a Flex Shield hot face of .040-inch-thick carbon-fiber-reinforced graphite foil and four layers of .5-inch-thick graphite-felt insulation. Thin, durable graphite heating elements are mounted cylindrically in the hot zone and are divided into multiple trim zones.