Thresher Industries plans to expand its business through the purchase of high-pressure die-casting technology. The company has agreed to purchase two Toshiba 350-ton and one 650-ton high-pressure die-casting machine with a Wazniac high-performance shot end and all support equipment including high-volume melt/hold furnaces. The new work cells will allow Thresher to offer conventional die castings as well as its metal matrix composite and high-ductility aluminum in near-net configurations, generating a projected increase in annual revenue of approximately $15 million.

The high-pressure die-casting machines are used to produce metal parts for a variety of purposes by injecting molten metal under high velocity into steel molds using extreme pressure after the mold is filled, making a high-density cast part. Thresher is also introducing a high-volume vacuum during the casting operation combined with a technology in extending tool life.