The Buy America Coalition – comprising the American Iron and Steel Institute, Committee on Pipe and Tube Imports, National Steel Bridge Alliance and Steel Manufacturers Association – expressed its support of “The American Steel First Act.” The Buy America Coalition was instrumental in developing the new legislation, which would require federally funded construction projects under the Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to use 100% American-made steel products. The new legislation, introduced by Reps. Tim Murphy (R-PA) and Pete Visclosky (D-IN), would expand the successful Buy America Act requirements to also include other projects initiated by the DOT, DOD and DHS.

By requiring the use of American-made steel products in these federal construction projects and other federally supported projects, this legislation would help to ensure that America’s national infrastructure is made with quality domestic steel products. It would also create greater economic prosperity for American steelworkers.