Sumitomo Metals Industries and Sumitomo Corp. have completed their acquisition of Norton Manufacturing Co. Inc. and have started operation of SMI Crankshaft. The newly formed business provides services including heat treatment, lathe turning and polishing. SMI Crankshaft, which is located in Fostoria, Ohio, is Sumitomo Metals’ first entry into crankshaft machining. Sumitomo currently supplies the U.S. crankshaft market through International Crankshaft Inc. of Georgetown, Ky.

International Crankshaft, which produced 1.6 million crankshafts in 2007, is jointly owned by Sumitomo Metals and Sumitomo Corp. SMI Crankshaft is helping Sumitomo Metals establish itself as an integrated manufacturing company capable of offering services from base metal manufacturing to forging and machining.