Ceralink Inc. has signed an exclusive licensing agreement granting Columbus, Ohio-based Harrop Industries the right to market and build industrial kilns using Microwave Assist Technology (MAT). MAT is a heating technology that combines microwave with traditional gas or electric heating, bringing cost-effective manufacturing solutions to the ceramics and metals industries. Troy, N.Y.-based Ceralink licensed MAT from the U.K.’s C-Tech Innovations in 2005 to advance the development of MAT and bring the technology to kiln manufacturers in North America.

In 2007, Ceralink teamed with Harrop and Thermex Thermatron to design and build the world’s first production-size MAT atmosphere control kiln for Touchstone Research Laboratories in Triadelphia, W.V. This installation has validated key commercial benefits of MAT, including firing-time reductions up to 80%, energy-consumption cuts up to 60% and reduced processing temperatures.