Citing the need for HVAC/R manufacturers to change production from copper to aluminum condensers and evaporators, SECO/WARWICK S.A. is scheduled to open a new test facility in September to allow customers to run trials and prototype cores. The facility, which will be located in Poland, will be fully equipped with an Active Only® CAB Brazing System, wet fluxer and dryer/thermal degreaser to allow customers to utilize a complete operational manufacturing cell. The Active Only furnace, which can handle loads up to 59 inches wide x 98 inches long x 15 inches high, produces a high-quality braze on large cores.

The Active Only furnace offers the following benefits for large cores:
  • AccuBraze® fully automated, patented process controls
  • Convection heating reduces cycle time and conserves floor space
  • Uniform temperature throughout the braze area improves braze quality
  • A sharper temperature profile provides accurate process control