ALD-Holcroft of Wixom, Mich., has been awarded a contract to provide a ModulTherm system to a Midwest-based manufacturer. The completely automated system is configured to perform low-pressure carburizing and low-pressure carbonitriding as well as both 20-bar high-pressure gas quenching and oil quenching. The HPGQ accommodates both nitrogen and helium and includes a helium recycling system. Configured with pre-wash, post-wash and tempering, the system will be capable of processing completely heat-treated loads in “lights out” fashion. Installation and commissioning is planned for the third quarter of 2009.

ModulTherm is a turnkey, vacuum heat-treating system offering HPGQ, oil or water quench options. Multiple heat-treating operations in addition to LPC can be performed, and it is designed for independent operation or integration into existing machining and production lines.