Rolled Alloys announced the acquisition of Manchester, England-based Weir Materials. The new company will be called RA® Materials and will offer ZERON® 100, a high-strength, corrosion-resistant super-duplex stainless steel. RA Materials is an international stockist and supplier of contract managed pipe work system packages and fabrications. The company supplies a complete range of all product forms of ZERON 100 manufactured, inspected and tested to oil and gas industry quality levels or to customer-specific requirements.

RA Materials will operate a warehouse and a metallurgical and testing laboratory in Manchester and provide technical support to its global customer base and other Rolled Alloys’ companies. The acquisition will partner Rolled Alloys’ extensive range of branded stainless steel, nickel-, aluminum- and titanium-alloy products, service and processing portfolio and global distribution facilities with RA Materials and ZERON 100.