Effective Oct. 1, Tenova has finalized the acquisition of the controlling interest of Core Furnace Systems Corp. (CORE) of Pittsburgh, Pa. CORE designs and supplies industrial furnaces for reheating and heat treatment as well as meltshop equipment and services. With the addition of CORE to its team, the Tenova Group will consolidate and strengthen its position in the North American metals industry by providing increasingly competitive skills and services to this market. Tenova’s position will be further strengthened by leveraging the synergies of CORE with LOI Inc., the Pittsburgh-based supplier of industrial furnaces for the steel and aluminum industry.

CORE will also benefit from being part of Tenova’s global resources network, as it will provide further opportunities to incorporate additional technologies such as submerged-arc furnace designs and strip processing lines into its current technological portfolio. Tenova’s presence in the NAFTA market includes Tenova Goodfellow, Tenova HYL, Pomini Inc. and Tenova TAKRAF.