EBNER received an order for the delivery of a HICON/H2 vertical strand annealer from Chinalco Shanghai Copper Co. for its Shanghai works. The facility will be used to bright anneal cold-rolled copper and copper alloy strip. The strip is heated in an electric-heated muffle furnace using high convection in a hydrogen/nitrogen mixed-gas process atmosphere (up to 75% hydrogen). The facility has been designed with special strip-handling equipment to process ultra-thin strips with thicknesses ranging from .05 mm to .8 mm at lowest possible strip tension.

At the maximum strip width of 670 mm (26.4 inches), an annual throughput of up to 45,000 tons can be achieved. The scope of supply includes the inlet and outlet strip-handling components, a looper, a hot-water degreaser for pre-cleaning, and a rinse and passivation system.