Cast Iron Flange Blocks

Metallized Carbon Corporation supplies standard cast-iron pillow blocks and flange blocks with self-lubricating, carbon-graphite bearing inserts for applications where oil/grease lubrication cannot be used. These bearing assemblies provide low friction and long, maintenance-free wear life in high temperatures. These bearings are ideal for high-temperature conveyors for heat treating, annealing, baking and drying. They are also excellent for drag-out conveyors, kiln car wheels bearings and stoker bearings. Three carbon-graphite grades are usually supplied: Grade M-11 carbon graphite for light loads at temperatures up to 700°F; Grade 1515 copper-impregnated carbon graphite for higher loads at temperatures up to 750°F; and Grade 2500 high-temperature electro-graphite for temperatures up to 1000°F.