Consolidated Engineering Company has received a contract from an international manufacturer of power-generation and rail-transport equipment for the design and manufacture of a side-loaded high/low-temperature furnace. The project requirements called for equipment that could handle a very narrow range of acceptable thermal uniformity, a rapid heat-up of the empty chamber from ambient to 1200°F within six hours, heat-up of 10 tons of steel tubes within 30 minutes and the processing of multiple different lengths of steel tubes with varying timeframes. The furnace is destined for the company’s manufacturing facility in China.

CEC included regenerative burners that use 50% less natural gas to heat the loads, thereby saving on energy costs. The design incorporates three doors along one side, and each door is approximately 7.5 meters long. The doors can be opened as one 7.5-meter door for a single shorter load, as two doors at 15 meters for longer loads or as all three doors at 23.5 meters long for loads up to 23 meters long.

CEC maintains a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) status in Shanghai, China.