Consolidated Engineering Company (CEC) has received a contract from an international manufacturer of automotive components for a CleanCast® basketless heat-treatment system. The purchase was made due to the need for additional capacity in order to produce a new diesel head product. The system, destined for a foundry in Mexico, will add the capability of processing about 730,000 cylinder heads per year. The equipment is the first of its kind in the foundry to air quench diesel heads using individual nozzles for each head, resulting in minimal part-to-part variation. Individual castings are loaded and unloaded directly on a conveyor, which results in better part-to-part uniformity.

The CleanCast system was chosen because of lower operating costs, flexibility to adapt to engine blocks if that should become necessary, future expandability by adding modules, the ability to remove sand from the castings and the ability to perform temperature uniformity surveys during production.