Guizhou Anda Aviation Forging Co. Ltd., a specialized aerospace forging company, has contracted with Consolidated Engineering Company (CEC) to build two gas-heating tip-up furnaces with traversing manipulator to modernize its Guiyang, China, facility. These furnaces have been proven to hold a temperature of ± 8°C over a range of 600°-1200°C (1112°-2192°F), which is required to process 3-meter-diameter forged rings. The furnaces will help open up new markets for parts for Anda Aviation.

CEC proposed a heating and material-handling concept that is an improvement in efficiency and process over Anda Aviation’s current equipment. The traversing manipulator will eventually service six quenching and tempering furnaces in one row. In addition, regenerative burners were added to the equipment to reduce natural gas costs.