VAC AERO is building a new VAV 4872 HV-1.5 high-vacuum bottom-loading furnace to be commissioned in late July at its Kalisz, Poland, operation. The furnace will be capable of heating loads of up to 3,000 pounds to 2400°F. The furnace’s hot zone consists of graphite-felt insulation with a carbon composite hot face and curved graphite heating elements. It uses United Vacuum mechanical pumps and a Varian 35-inch diffusion pump.

The furnace utilizes VAC AERO’s most advanced control system, which features a Honeywell HC900 hybrid controller and Honeywell PlantScape Vista supervisory running system on a PC. VAC AERO also announced AS9100 quality certification for the Kalisz facility, which is now established in the Polish aerospace special-processing market.