Alcoa has reached an agreement with the government of Quebec on a renewable energy contract to supply all three of the company’s aluminum smelters in the province – Baie Comeau, Becancour and Deschambault – through the year 2040. The agreement also enables Alcoa to invest $1.2 billion to upgrade and expand Baie Comeau production to 548,000 metric tons per year (mtpy). It is expected that conversion and upgrade of the smelting technologies at Baie Comeau, as well as the expansion of output by 110,000 mtpy, will be completed by 2015. The upgrade will eliminate PAHs emissions from the Soderberg pots and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%.

Alcoa announced that it has combined its Wheel Products business with its Auto and Truck Structures business to form a new business unit – called Wheel and Transportation Products. The new business unit, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, will serve the commercial vehicle, automotive and defense markets.