SMS Siemag, formerly SMS Demag, successfully commissioned a secondary gas-cleaning system at Tata Steel’s Jamshedpur, India, steelworks. With a suction capacity of 1.6 million cubic meters per hour, the plant collects all of the diffuse dust emissions. The dust-laden air is then efficiently cleaned in two powerful electro-static precipitators. The steelworks, which was also supplied by SMS Siemag, has two 150-ton converters, a primary gas-cleaning system and a converter gas-recovery system. The equipment supplier officially became SMS Siemag at the end of March. The new name recalls the roots of the company founded more than 130 years ago.

The secondary gas-cleaning system enables Tata Steel to exceed the values stipulated in local environmental regulations. SMS Siemag is currently erecting an oxygen steelmaking plant for Tata Steel at the same location. It includes primary and secondary gas-cleaning and converter gas-recovery facilities.