GH Induction Group, based in Valencia, Spain, announced the shipment of its new-design gear/raceway hardening machine. The machine is capable of hardening gears and bearing raceways up to 118 inches (3,000 mm) in diameter and weighing up to 6,614 pounds (3,000 kg). These large bearings are used in the production of wind turbines. The machine’s basic design includes multi-axis CNC control, dynamic tracking of raceway or gear teeth, ability to process OD and ID without changing inductor orientation and process monitoring.

Additional optional features include a second IGBT power supply for preheat when raceway hardening or for doing two teeth at a time for gear-tooth hardening. An optional second rotation table can be served by this machine design. GH Group has affiliated companies in Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, South Korea and China. The company has over 4,000 installations in more than 50 countries.