Danieli Centro Met has been contracted by Korea Steel Shapes Co., Ltd. (Kosco) to supply a complete steel meltshop for its facility in Chilseo, Haman-Gu, Kyung Nam. The meltshop will be designed to produce 800,000 metric tons per year of conticast billets. It will comprise a 100-metric-ton EAF and ladle furnace, material handling system and a five-strand 9-meter-radius FastCast™ conticaster. Startup of the plant is scheduled for the end of 2008.

The caster, equipped with high-speed molds, mold EMS and hydraulic-type oscillating tables, will produce 120- and 185-mm quality square billets. The whole plant will be equipped with Level 1 and Level 2 automation and process-control systems supplied by Danieli Automation.