SECO/WARWICK Group and Retech Systems LLC have entered into a strategic alliance agreement to combine resources and expertise to engineer, manufacture, sell and service Retech’s vacuum-processing equipment worldwide. SECO/WARWICK has manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, and Poland that are complementary to Retech’s facilities in California and New Jersey. Retech has recently established an office facility in New Jersey as the center of excellence for the Retech vacuum arc remelt product group and to support joint efforts with the SECO/WARWICK S.A. vacuum team. Mr. Artur Wiechczynski will be the team leader for Retech for the SECO/WARWICK Group worldwide.

Retech is a fully integrated manufacturer of thermal vacuum-processing equipment and a supplier of plasma arc, E-Beam and casting furnaces for the melting of titanium. Retech has contributed advancements in precision pouring, cold hearth melting, consumable casting, metal-powder production and raw or feedstock production for metallurgical industries.