With the partnership of CHS-ASIA, Solar Manufacturing (Souderton, Pa.) announces an order for a horizontal-loading vacuum furnace from a company in Singapore. Featuring a high-efficiency, 2-inch-thick graphite-insulated hot zone for operating temperatures up to 2650°F, the furnace’s work zone measures 42 inches wide x 42 inches high x 48 inches deep with thermal uniformity meeting AMS 2750D standards. The furnace has a gross load capacity of 3,500 pounds.

A 35-inch Varian diffusion pumping system is used for high vacuum applications, and the external gas quench system will consist of a 100-horsepower motor, a Robinson fan wheel, heat exchanger and diffuser. The electrical control cabinet will house the SolarVac 3000 instrumentation, which includes the Allen-Bradley PanelView and the Eurotherm 6180A paperless graphic recorder.