Dneprovsky I&S Works (DMKD) of Ukraine has selected Danieli to supply a new ultrahigh-capacity superflexible bar, section and rod mill to be installed at the Dneprodzerzhinsk works, replacing the existing bar mill. Danieli’s scope of supply comprises a state-of-the-art rolling mill with a nominal yearly output of 1.2 million metric tons per year. The plant will be one of the largest and most advanced in all of Eastern Europe. Commissioning is scheduled for the first half of 2008.

Fed by a 200 metric ton per hour Danieli Centro Combustion Walking Beam reheat furnace, the rolling facility will be arranged over an 18-strand continuous mill plus two 4-pass high-speed twist-free finishing blocks. Finish-rolling of the smaller bar sizes will be performed on two independent strands at very high speed of up to 35 meters/second. QTB lines located at the finishing blocks and at continuous mill delivery side will provide on-line water quenching and self-tempering of the rebars.