Kaiser Aluminum announced that its Board of Directors has approved a $91 million investment program to improve the capabilities and efficiencies of rod and bar and seamless extruded and drawn tube operations and to enhance the market position of its broad offering of general engineering products. The company also announced plans to invest in a new Midwestern facility as well as three existing operations. Completion of the projects contemplated by the investment program is expected to occur by late 2009.

Investments targeted to enhance Kaiser Select rod and bar product offerings consist of the new Midwestern facility and upgrades to extrusion presses in the existing Los Angeles facility. The new facility will be equipped with two extrusion presses, a remelt operation, and laboratory and office facilities. Complementing the rod and bar investments, the company will focus its Bellwood, Va., and Chandler, Ariz., operations on seamless extruded and drawn tubing products.