SECO/WARWICK Sells Jet-Heated Solution-Heat-Treat Furnace
Temp-Rite Steel Treating purchased a SECO/WARWICK (Meadville, Pa.) jet-heated solution-heat-treat furnace to process aluminum engine blocks at its Michigan facility. Jet impingement airflow technology was developed to reduce the process time and improve the work uniformity during heating and throughout the soaking portion of the heat-treat cycle. The new technology has achieved +/- 1°F uniformity of product in actual production, resulting in higher-quality metallurgical results, distortion control and reduced total cycle time.

In other news, S.C. ALRO S.A. is adding an additional production line to its Slatina, Romania, facility with the purchase of a SECO/WARWICK age furnace system for processing aluminum plates for the aerospace industry. The system is fully automated and equipped with a material handling system to load and unload product from the furnace.