Elterma S.A. (Swiebodzin, Poland), a member of the SECO/WARWICK Group, has recently completed several pit furnace installations throughout Europe. Elterma pit furnaces are used in applications including gas carburizing, carbonitriding, normalizing, hardening, tempering and annealing. Elterma, which designs and manufactures a wide variety of heat-treating equipment, has sold pit carburizing furnaces to clients in Romania, Spain and Finland.

Elterma commissioned a pit carburizing furnace in May 2007 to a manufacturer of aircraft subassemblies in Romania. The furnace, which has met both AMS2750D and Nadcap requirements, is rated for loads up to 13,228 pounds, 59 inches in diameter and 90 inches high. Elterma has completed the start-up of a pit-furnace production line to be used for transmission gears for wind power stations in Spain. Loads up to 17,637 pounds with dimensions of 70 inches in diameter and 118 inches high can be carburized. Elterma is also scheduled to deliver a pit-furnace line in January 2008 to an industrial transmission gear manufacturer in Finland.