The Grieve Corporation

No. 943 is an electrically heated 2000°F top-loading pit furnace. Workspace dimensions measure 24 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 24 inches high. 26kW installed in nickel chrome wire coils, supported by vacuum-formed ceramic fiber, supply heat to the workload. No. 943 features 7-inch-thick insulated walls, comprising 5 inches of 2300°F ceramic fiber blanket and 2 inches of block insulation. A 6.5-inch-thick furnace floor is made of castable refractory materials. The furnace also includes an air-operated vertical lift door and a reinforced .5-inch steel top plate to protect the unit while loading and unloading. Safety equipment includes an adjustable thermocouple-actuated manual reset excess temperature controller, separate heating element control contactors and a door interlock switch.