ATI Expanding Titanium and Nickel-Based Superalloy Capabilities
Allegheny Technologies Inc.’s (ATI) Board of Directors approved the expansion of its titanium and nickel-based superalloy capabilities at facilities located in the Carolinas. The total investment is approximately $215 million with completion scheduled by the end of 2009. The project includes adding forging capacity, plasma arc melt capacity and vacuum arc remelt capacity. In other news, ATI signed a long-term sourcing agreement with GE Aviation for the supply of premium titanium, nickel-based superalloy and vacuum-melted specialty alloy products for commercial and military jet-engine applications.

ATI plans to add an integrated 10,000-ton press forge and a 700-mm rotary forge at its facilities in the Carolinas. The new forging capacity is expected to be operational by the third quarter of 2009. ATI’s plasma arc melt furnace is expected to begin production by the fourth quarter of 2008, and one of its new vacuum arc remelt (VAR) furnaces is scheduled to be in production in the first quarter of 2008. Four other VAR furnaces would be installed as needed.