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This special section has the most recent, technologically advanced, energy-efficient and cost-effective goods the leading companies in the heat-treat field want you to know about. Furnaces, burners, testing systems, cooling systems, pyrometers, thermocouples, resource guides, ovens, heat-treat systems, high-temperature materials, controllers, muffles, protection tubes, insulation, control systems…we’ve rounded them all up for your convenience.

Aichelin Heat Treatment Systems: Chamber Furnace

The Aichelin multipurpose chamber furnace is a universally usable heat-treatment plant. In the last 30 years, the Aichelin group has built and put into operation more than 1,000 chamber furnaces. These numbers prove the permanent high quality, reliability and economy of our units.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.: Industrial-Gas Supplier

As a worldwide leading industrial-gas supplier, Air Products brings more than 50 years of experience in gas supply and safety to help you improve your operation’s performance. We offer a full line of high-purity gases – oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, helium and gas blends – through liquid, bulk and microbulk gas delivery solutions to meet any size demand.

Allegheny Alloy, Inc.: Furnace Retorts

Cast spiral rotary furnace retorts for AGF continuous carburizing, carbonitriding and hardening of ball and needle bearings, fasteners, stamping and roller chains for all U.S. manufacturers. Patterns are available for most all manufacturers in cast HT, HU, HP, HX, HW and other heat-resistant alloys. Patterns are also available for cast and fabricated shaker trays, retainer plates, muffles, rollers and metal-mesh quench belting.

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic: Induction Melting and Heating Equipment

A world leader in the development and manufacture of induction melting and heating equipment with worldwide operations and facilities in nine countries. Ajax TOCCO’s advanced technologies are used for the melting of ferrous and nonferrous metals, heating for forging, mill processes, coating and the heat treatment of steel. Ajax TOCCO maintains a full-time research and development program. We design and build all of our power supplies and, as a result, are able to supply our customers with the latest technology available.

Alpha 1 Induction Service Center: Manufacturing and Repair

Alpha 1 manufactures and repairs induction coils, transformers and water-cooled cables of all types as well as billet elevator and rotary bar feeders, bin tippers, conveyors and billet extractors for the forging industry. To improve coil performance, we produce moldable and machineable flux-concentrator materials and punched laminations.

Avion Manufacturing Co.: Recuperative Burners

ECOMAX® offers high efficiency through its optimized recuperator shape. Use as a radiant tube burner (metallic or fully ceramic radiant tube) for heat-treatment plants with protective gas or other critical atmospheres. Suitable for all types of gas, including natural gas, liquid gas and, with a special modification, low-calorific gases. 85% efficient burner with minimal NOx emissions.

BeaverMatic Inc.: Pit Washer and Temper Furnace

A 28-inch (diameter) x 78-inch-deep washer chamber is rated for 1,500 pounds at temperatures up to 200°F with air bubbler agitation. The 36 inch x 48 inch x 48 inch gas-heated temper furnace is rated for 2,000 pounds at 700°F-1200°F at ± 10°F. The furnace design allows the door to be pushed open and lifted vertically. The top and bottom of the door are adjustable to provide a tight, secure seal.

J.L. Becker: Roller Hearth Furnace

The J.L. Becker Company designs and manufactures a unique line of continuous roller-hearth-style furnaces. Multichambers offer heating and cooling under protective atmospheres. Our CMS system, coupled with atmosphere-gas analysis, offers reliable, user-friendly methods of operating with cost effectiveness and repeatable quality load after load.
www.jlbecker.comInfo # 248

Buehler Ltd.: Microindentation Hardness Testing System

The Buehler OmniMet® MHT fully automated microindentation hardness testing system is an integrated turnkey solution for Vickers and/or Knoop evaluation of your samples. Fast, reliable and repeatable results are at your fingertips for routine tasks, including effective case depth and weld-profile assessment. The software generates a completely self-contained database and is also augmented with included Sample Data Viewer software for offline data review and analysis. A report generator will provide reports in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word that include images as well as text.

Can-Eng Furnaces: Basketless Heat Treating System

New Basketless Heat Treating System (BHTS) for the processing of aluminum automobile components (structural components, wheels, suspension components and engine blocks) reduces energy consumption, eliminates basket repair, reduces floor-space requirements and reduces maintenance costs. Processes include T4, T5, T6, T7, Water Quench and Precision Air Quench (PAQ).

Consolidated Engineering Co.: CleanCast Technology

CEC’s innovative new CleanCast technology in permanent and semi-permanent mold casting utilizes a rackless furnace design with accelerated heat treatment and decoring while controlling the retained heat in the casting by moving it rapidly from casting station to heat-treatment furnace in an entirely automated heat-treating cell. At CEC, our central business is casting processing, and we are dedicated to serving our customers with increasingly innovative heat-process technologies.

Custom Electric Manufacturing Co.: Custom Furnace Packages

For electric furnaces, Custom Electric Manufacturing Co. offers a package consisting of its high-temperature bayonet heating elements and long-life Kanthal APM radiant tubes. For gas furnaces, it matches APM tubes with high-performance burners from companies like Kromschroder. Such packages save heat treaters thousands of dollars a month.

The Dow Chemical Company: UCON™ Quenchants

UCON™ Quenchants are a series of nonflammable, aqueous solutions containing special polymers and corrosion inhibitors for quenching both ferrous and nonferrous metals. UCON™ Quenchants can replace water, oil or brine solute and are the preferred quenching media for low and high hardenability, plain carbon and alloy steels. UCON™ Quenchants offer wider flexibility in quench severity, reducing cracking, distortion and residual stress in quenched parts.

Dry Coolers Inc.: Aqua-Vent Vacuum Furnace Cooling System

Simple, safe and reliable closed-loop cooling system prevents rust, scale and mineral deposits in your furnace equipment. A diaphragm pump connected to your gas backfill tank or air receiver circulates water in case of power outage.

E Instruments Group, LLC: Pyrometers

E Instruments is a manufacturer of IR noncontact pyrometers. Our IRtec line includes portable, hand-held and online instruments to monitor temperatures for your process and automation needs. All high-temperature IR pyrometers are now available with our new Green Laser for easy targeting.

Eclipse, Inc.: Eclipse Furnnox Burner

The Furnnox represents a technological leap in burner design and performance. Furnnox burners set new standards for emissions and flexibility. Tests show that the Furnnox delivers lower emissions than any comparable burner. Integrated gas and air orifices simplify burner piping, set-up and adjustment. Air and gas inlets are independently adjustable in 90-degree increments to suit a variety of piping alternatives. The Furnnox is designed with rugged dependability and reliability.

Exergen Corp.: Infrared Thermocouples

Patented, self-powered infrared thermocouples, which are the most reliable in the world (MTBF > 1,000 years) and intrinsically safe, are used in applications such as agriculture, graphics, packaging, medical, electrical power, asphalt, textiles and many more. Powered, linearized plug and play sensors are available where reliability and intrinsic safety are not important but ease of use, ruggedness and accuracy are.

Flinn & Dreffein Engineering Co.: Large Car Bottom Furnaces

Flinn & Dreffein Engineering Co. has designed, built and installed some of the largest car bottom furnaces in the world – sizes up to 37 feet wide x 37 feet high. Systems can come with fully automated material handling, computer control and data acquisition. Furnace operating temperature ranges of 900°F to over 2000°F. Direct and indirect gas fired or electric resistance. These furnaces are custom designed to the client’s unique requirements.

Fluxtrol Inc.: Resource Guide for Induction Technology

Fluxtrol Inc., the largest supplier of flux concentrators for induction heating, has introduced Fluxtrol’s Resource Guide for Induction Technology. The electronic tool will be available in CD format. The January 2007 issue of Industrial Heating magazine will include Fluxtrol’s Resource Guide for Induction Technology.

G-M Enterprises: Vacuum Furnaces

G-M presents our unique vacuum-furnace technologies designed for low maintenance and high performance. Patented 2-point element support, high-velocity venturi gas-cooling nozzles, true convection heating and cooling with gas exchange in/out of the hot zone, power feed-throughs and 12-bar furnace with advanced computerized control systems.

Hauck Manufacturing Co.: Self-Recuperative Low NOx Burners

Hauck Manufacturing Co. and LBE GmbH are jointly marketing a new line of open-fired, self-recuperative low NOx burners in the U.S. market. The Ecomax® has a combustion efficiency of 70% in high-temperature furnaces. This burner is being installed on a high-temperature roller hearth furnace for delivery to a U.S. steel manufacturer.

Heatbath Corp./Park Metallurgical: No-Carb Green

Heatbath/Park Metallurgical’s No-Carb Green is a new stop-off technology suitable for gas, vacuum, fluidized bed or pack-carburizing operations. Carburized parts can be quenched in water, oil or molten salt. No-Carb Green dries quickly in air or in the oven, and once dried, the coating will not deteriorate or flake off. The dried coating is non-hygroscopic and shock resistant. After carburizing, No-Carb Green is easily washed off in hot water.

HUETTINGER: Compact Induction Power Supply

HUETTINGER’s new high-frequency power supply for induction-heating applications, the AXIO, is available in 5 kW and 10 kW versions with a frequency range of 50-450 kHz. The AXIO’s compact size and numerous configuration options facilitate quick integration into many applications. An excellent efficiency factor enables high-temperature heating with minimum operating costs.

Inductoheat®: Induction Heat-Treating System

The InductoScan® modular induction heat-treating system is capable of hardening a wide range of parts. By selecting from a variety of modules, you can configure your system for optimal power, tooling, controls and other components for integration onto a common base to best match your current production needs. This modular system can be reconfigured to accommodate an entirely new part or family of parts for future production needs by swapping in any combination of modules.

Ipsen International Inc.: Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

The H2424 TinyTurbo™ horizontal vacuum furnace is said to be the fastest door-to-door vacuum furnace when hardening and tempering. Its smaller design requires minimal floor space and can easily be integrated into current production. The TinyTurbo is a versatile furnace for multiple processes and applications such as powder metal, high-speed steel, cutting tools and dies.

Kanthal: Globar® SD Elements

Kanthal’s grade of silicon carbide (SiC) expands both the high-temperature performance and application range of the new heating elements. Globar SD elements substantial performance improvements are due to advancements in the processing of the recrystallized SiC material.

Kleenair Products Co. Inc.: Sintering Pusher Furnaces

The high-temperature hydrogen-atmosphere pusher sintering furnaces are custom designed to meet customer requirements. They can be manually operated or designed to be fully automated with computer controls and data-acquisition systems. The furnaces operate up to 1800°C (3270°F) and are available with many unique design options.

Kromschroder: Burner Control Unit

Kromschroder is introducing the latest in flame management. The BCU 370 burner control unit unites functionally interrelated control components such as main flame amplifier, ignition transformer, operation/fault status display, on-off /fault reset switch and manual/auto selection. An optical interface connects the BCU to a computer for easy configuration, and it can be used to retrieve archived fault information and operation information in real time. The BCU is FM approved and is available with or without the ignition transformer.

L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc.: Heat-Treating Systems

L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc. designs, manufactures and services a wide variety of heat-treat equipment. We have several lines that are specific to the aircraft and aerospace industry. Our FNA and XLA series, which are specifically designed for the aircraft industry, include such standard features as calibrated thermocouples, complete NIST documentation certifications, zone control and optional in-house uniformity survey prior to shipment.

Maxon Corp.: Radiant Tube Burner

The UNI-RAD® radiant tube burner produces an extremely stable and luminous flame envelope to maximize heat transfer. A patented continuous spark system maintains and ensures consistent flame ignition. The burner fires on any clean fuel gas, and options allow operation with preheated combustion air to 1200°F (650°C).

Nabertherm: W21875/26AS Oven

Nabertherm’s W21875/26AS oven preheats coils of steel with charge weights up to 50 tons to temperatures as high as 500°F (260°C) prior to loading on an automated deep-drawing machine. Nabertherm manufactures a wide range of kilns, furnaces and ovens from bench top to large production systems. Nabertherm also builds quench tanks and fully automated load-transfer systems for a full turnkey system.

NewAge Testing Instruments Inc.: Hardness Testing Systems

New portable Brinell scanner and two automatic traverse microhardness testing systems are available: the MT90 (which performs a traverse in two minutes) and C.A.M.S.® (Computer Assisted Measurement System), which can upgrade any standard microhardness tester into a modern computer-based tester. Other systems include the Auto Brinell for fast, automatic depth measurement of Brinell and several other Brinell and Rockwell systems.

Nitrex Metal: Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing

The Nitrex line of nitriding and nitrocarburizing systems includes furnaces for small-scale processing to medium- and high-volume-production batch and continuous applications. All furnaces feature a control system with Nitreg® technology to provide automatic process control with a minimum level of operator involvement for an error-free operation. Nitreg® technology improves fatigue strength and enhances resistance to wear and corrosion. It is a zero-distortion process that results in a finished product precisely matched to the original dimensions and tolerances, requiring no further finishing work.

Nanmac Corp.: Miniature Thermocouple

The B9 series miniature thermocouple has been designed for use on moving, vibrating and rotating objects that can be mounted in a small threaded hole. It uses a fine yet robust ribbon element to provide millisecond response to temperature change.

Pillar Induction Co.: Induction Heating Systems and Equipment

Pillar Induction provides induction heating systems, equipment and aftermarket parts and service to global manufacturers in the mass heating, heat-treating and melting industries. Pillar’s line of transistorized power supplies is complemented by providing turnkey induction production systems and complete inductor and furnace repair/rebuild services.
www.pillar.comInfo # 275

Process-Electronic: Carbon Analysis

C-Detect is a new, nondestructive testing tool that is used to quickly and accurately verify the carbon content of carburizing furnace atmospheres. An indispensable tool for heat-treating shops, C-detect does not require specialized personnel. A thin iron foil is exposed to the furnace atmosphere, extracted and placed in the C-Detect receptacle to quantify the real carbon content.

PMA - A Danaher Company: Controllers

PMA DIN controllers blend ease of use with sophisticated control algorithms featuring two universal inputs with an optional third input for heater current and O2 measurement among many others. Real-time simulations are done via our BlueControl engineering software tool, making commissioning quicker.

Qual-Fab Inc.: Furnace Muffles

Qual-Fab Inc. specializes in quality stainless and high nickel alloy fabrications for the metal-processing industry. One main product line is furnace muffles of all styles and sizes, including corrugated muffles, for both OEM and aftermarket customers. Our furnace muffles are fabricated in a full range of high-temperature alloys, from 304 to RA602CA, and are produced to exact customer specifications with strict attention to material selection, joining specifications and inspection procedures.

Radyne Corp.: Compact Portable Induction Heating System

Radyne’s versatile FlexScan modular integrated induction heating unit incorporates a single or dual spindle for lift and/or rotate applications and for vertical scanning of part lengths up to 12 inches. Featuring a modular water-cooling unit, part cooldown system and color touch HMI, it can include capabilities for atmosphere brazing and be used with any type of induction power source.

Raytek: Noncontact Temperature Measurement

Raytek Marathon Series noncontact temperature sensors deliver unmatched performance in demanding applications up to 5432ºF. To improve your processes, rely on Raytek advanced temperature sensors. Now, more than ever, you need real results. Choose Raytek.

Rolled Alloys: RA 602 CA® Alloy

RA 602 CA is a nickel-based, heat-resistant alloy offering superior strength and oxidation resistance compared to alloy 600. Due to its high strength and availability in small-diameter round bar, RA 602 CA is now being utilized in vacuum heat-treating applications as a means to reduce fixture weight.

Saint-Gobain Ceramics: Hexoloy® SiC Thermocouple Protection Tubes

Hexoloy® sintered alpha silicon carbide is an ideal material for high-performance thermowell/thermocouple protection tubes. Hexoloy SiC is the hardest commercially available material and provides a full range of superior properties, including high temperature strength, excellent thermal shock resistance, universal corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity and exceptional wear resistance. Available in custom lengths to meet your requirements.

Schwarzkopf Technologies: Low-Mass Hearth Assembly

A low-mass hearth assembly constructed with STC/PLANSEE U-shaped rails can offer considerable advantages and significant savings when compared with the standard post, cap and rail assembly. The significant weight reduction (thus lower over-all cost) and ease of assembly/disassembly, in combination with availability of PLANSEE’s superior grades of materials, provide for optimum economy and performance. While the STC low-mass hearth requires less material, strength, toughness and ductility will not be sacrificed.

SECO/WARWICK Corp.: Roller Hearth Furnaces

SECO/WARWICK roller hearth furnaces are designed to meet your heat-treating requirements accurately and economically. There is a wide range of sizes and heating systems with cooling sections and system components such as charge and discharge tables, quench systems, atmosphere systems, cooling equipment and loaders. Experienced process engineers develop a configuration to meet your production cycle and application requirements.

Selas Corp. of America: Duradiant Nozzle-Mix Gas Burner

A burner that provides immediate response to control changes, excellent turndown characteristics, complete and stable combustion within burner cup, rapid and highly efficient heat transfer to the workpiece, significant reduction of flame impingement, hot spots, scaling and decarburization, therefore allowing furnaces to be smaller and less costly.

SGL Carbon Group: Carbon, Graphite and Composite Materials

SGL Carbon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of products made of carbon, graphite and composite materials for industrial and aerospace applications. The Graphite Specialties Business Area is a full-service supplier specializing in high-temperature applications and customer support. We provide system solutions tailored to your needs for industrial furnace engineering.

Solar Manufacturing: Vacuum Carburizing Furnace

Solar Manufacturing’s vacuum carburizing furnace HVC-3872-101Q is designed for high-production commercial and captive heat-treating shops. It is a horizontal, front loading, internal quench and batch-type vacuum carburizing furnace with graphite-resistance heating elements. This unique furnace features a graphite-insulated hot zone with an operating temperature rated at 2400°F and a work zone measuring 24 inches wide x 24 inches high x 72 inches deep.

Surface Combustion: Vacuum Carburizing Technology

Surface Combustion’s patented VringCARB® approach combines precise metering and control with the inherent stability of the carburizing compound. Using a 99.9% high purity liquid napthene hydrocarbon, the carburizing compound is supplied with fuel injectors and vaporized, resulting in uniform carburizing throughout the effective workload area. Furnaces can be provided as single or multichamber configurations, using conventional electric heating or gas-fired designs.

Tenaxol Technologies, Inc.: UCON® Quenchants

UCON® quenchants are a series of nonflammable, aqueous solutions of a liquid organic polymer and a corrosion inhibitor. Quenchants A, HT and E are the principal members of the series and contain an inorganic nitrite salt as the corrosion inhibitor. Non-nitrite-containing formulations are also available, as UCON® quenchants A-NN, HT-NN and E-NN. UCON® quenchants designed as NN are completely compatible with their nitrite-containing analogs without nitrosamine formation.

TRENT, Inc.: >Electric Conveyor Oven

The newly updated electric conveyor oven is designed for annealing glass at temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C). The stainless-steel design utilizes Folded and Formed® nickel-chrome ribbon-type heating elements and has exterior dimensions of 48 inches high, 24 inches wide and 85 inches long in four zones, including loading zone, muffled heating zone, cooling zone and unloading zone.

Unifrax Corp.: Foamfrax™ Insulation

Foamfrax™ Insulation offers exceptional energy savings, installation speed and lining performance for upgrades of existing fiber linings, lining over refractory and furnace lining patches or refits. It can be gunned directly onto metal, refractory or fiber surfaces and installed at rates in excess of 1,000-board feet/hour, dramatically reducing downtime. Foamfrax Insulation can help reduce energy bills.

Vacuum Furnace Systems Corp.: CompuVac Supervisory Control System

CompuVac from VFS Corporation is the most advanced supervisory control system in the thermal-processing industry. CompuVac was designed from the ground up by vacuum-furnace experts specifically for vacuum thermal processing. It’s perfect for new or retrofit applications on any vacuum furnace brand. CompuVac will eliminate process variability and improve recipe creation and storage.

Vaisala Inc.: Dewpoint Transmitter Series

Designed to measure low dewpoints in heat-treat processes, the DMT340 Series of dewpoint transmitters can measure ±2 to -60°C (±3.6 to -76°F). The transmitters utilize patented auto-calibration technology offering various probe options with a transmitter platform providing data logging, graphical display and more.

Varian, Inc.: Wireless Remote

Varian is proud to introduce the first wireless remote control for a helium mass spectrometer leak detector. By utilizing modern wireless technology, leak testing hard-to-reach locations is now much easier and can be performed at much greater distances of up to 100 meters. All the major functions of the leak detector are now at your fingertips, giving you a truly portable leak detection solution.

VAT, Inc.: Angle and Inline Valves

VAT’s new, colorful brochure featuring low-cost Angle and Inline Valves for all vacuum ranges and applications is now available. This brochure illustrates modular design concepts along with customization and integrated solutions to meet specialized customer requirements and is now available for download.

Wellman Furnaces, Inc.: Radiant Coil Furnace

Radiant coil furnaces are ideal for the process heating of liquids and gases to high temperatures over a wide range of operating pressures (up to 4000 psig) where the combination of temperature and pressure make traditional heating techniques impractical. Some applications include supercritical oxidation of organic material in wastewater and heating corrosive acids or aggressive polymers.

Wilson Instruments, Instron Corp.

Wilson Instruments’ Multi-Mount clamping fixture is designed to support and clamp multiple mounted samples for Knoop/Vickers testing. The fixture, when combined with Wilson’s Auto Test Assistant (ATA) automatic traversing system, dramatically increases testing productivity and can be programmed to automatically indent and read individual hardness data on up to six mounts.

Wisconsin Infrared Systems: Trolley Conveyor Oven

The electric infrared overhead trolley conveyor oven uses a combination of convection and medium-wave flat-panel infrared technology to cure powder coatings on missiles, torpedoes and underwater mines. The IR heaters on both sides move in and out on motorized, adjustable frames to accommodate the different part sizes being processed. The parts are indexed through the oven in a batch manner on an overhead trolley conveyor system.

Wisconsin Oven Corp.: Electrically Heated Drop-Bottom System

The electrically heated drop-bottom system was designed and manufactured for processing sheets of aluminum in a lab environment, where the pneumatically operated doors open and the load is dropped automatically into the quenchant (provides a quench time of less than 3 seconds from when the doors begin to open until the load is fully submerged). The furnace has a 1’6” wide x 1’0” long x 1’0” high basket size and a 1200ºF maximum temperature rating.

WS Thermal Process Technology: Burners and Radiant Tubes

WS products include its high-efficiency self-recuperative burners and REKUMAT® C ceramic radiant tubes for temperatures up to 2300°F (1260°C) with tube life up to 10 years. WS provides solutions for new equipment as well as furnace upgrades with proven technology that will reduce fuel consumption up to 50% while increasing available heat.

Yokogawa Corporation of America: DXAdvanced for AMS-2750D

The Yokogawa DAQSTATION DXAdvanced data acquisition and display station is the solution for many heat-treating applications. High-performance measurement accuracy makes these instruments perfect for AMS-2750D applications. When calibrated according to the AMS 2750D specification, the DXAdvanced meets the requirements for a Secondary Standard Instrument.

ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc.: Ceramics and Ceramic Composites

ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc. is a manufacturer of machineable structural ceramics and reinforced ceramic composites for many industrial-heating applications. Applications include thermal, electrical and structural insulation for induction heating, melting and forging. Products include machineable asbestos alternatives, induction coil liners and supports, and high-temperature gaskets.