EBNER to Extend Bell Annealer Facility
EBNER-Industrieofenbau (Austria) received an order in November 2006 from Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. for the extension of their bell annealer facility. EBNER will add 29 workbases plus the necessary heating and cooling bells to the existing equipment. The facility is used for annealing hot-rolled ferritic and martensitic chromium steel strip coils in 100% hydrogen atmosphere at a maximum temperature of 1560°F. The first installation phase with 11 workbases will go into production in June 2007.

The total annealing capacity of the facility will be approximately 925,000 tons on 59 workbases. All key components will be supplied from EBNER headquarters in Austria. The larger components, such as the heating and cooling bells, inner covers and the complete power section for the electrical control center, will be fabricated in China under EBNER supervision.