About 15% of Industrial Heating subscribers are from the commercial (or as they call it in Europe, the “contract”) heat-treat industry. The other 85% are mostly captive/in-house heat treaters like Boeing, Ford and Black & Decker, or industry suppliers (typically less than 10%). The pre-eminent association representing the commercial/contract heat-treat industry is the Metal Treating Institute, located in Jacksonville Beach, Fla. From within the ranks of MTI are two names worth knowing: Gary Huss and Jeff Uhlenburg. You need to know these names because both of these gentlemen have lobbied and testified on your behalf in front of Congress to establish sound energy policies that are helpful to your business.

Gary Huss has testified before Congressional committees and is currently serving as the only representative from the heat-treating industry on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). Mr. Huss’ input on this board has been a great benefit to your business because he has brought to light the plight of heat treaters – both contract and captive – which goes mostly unnoticed by the general public and our elected officials. When the BTU tax was proposed several years ago, it was testimony like that provided by Mr. Huss that helped shoot the idea down as the insanity that it was. Who uses more BTUs than the captive or commercial heat treater? Who had more to lose from such a tax?

Mr. Huss and his partner, Earl Pack, own Hudapack Metal Treating, a three-plant operation in Wisconsin and Illinois. With respect to corporate resources, Hudapack is no Bodycote (the biggie in the industry). Yet pound for pound, Mr. Huss and Hudapack are pulling far more than their fair share when it comes to lobbying for the good of the industry. Thank you, Mr. Huss.

To view Mr. Huss’ complete testimony in front of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation, visit thissite.

Thank you also to Jeff Uhlenburg, who is the sole proprietor of Donovan Heat Treating in Philadelphia, Pa. As Mr. Uhlenburg told congressional representatives, “My energy costs used to be 10% of revenue. The average is now 18% and has spiked as high as 30%.” Thousands of you can relate to this situation. But Mr. Uhlenburg is doing something about it. As a senior member of MTI’s Board of Directors, Mr. Uhlenburg was called upon and consented to testifying before a Congressional panel dealing specifically with energy issues. Thanks to his testimony, the testimony of Mr. Huss and hundreds of others, Congress is starting to more seriously address our national energy issues.

To view an article in NAM’s newsletter, “Just In Time,” about Mr. Uhlenburg amd the formation of the Consumer Alliance for Energy Security, visit thissite.

Like Mr. Huss, Mr. Uhlenburg’s business is small compared to many of your businesses. These gentlemen are not giants of industry – although they are both very successful businessmen. They do, however, walk large with respect to their willingness to speak difficult words to government officials. They are giants in character and commitment.

For the thousands of us who have benefited from your voice in Washington, “thank you” Mr. Huss and Mr. Uhlenburg.