Solar Receives Furnace Order
Solar Manufacturing (Souderton, Pa.) has received an order for a model HFL-6648-2EQ furnace from Twinvac Industries (Singapore). The furnace features a high-efficiency, graphite-insulated hot zone that consists of four layers of .5-inch-thick graphite felt with a FlexShield hot face. The furnace has a work zone measuring 42 inches wide x 42 inches high x 48 inches deep with a load capacity of 4,000 pounds. Operating temperatures reach a maximum of 2500°F. The furnace will be shipped in February 2007.

Thin, profile-curved graphite heating elements heat workloads rapidly and uniformly, while the tapered graphite gas nozzles direct quench gas directly on the workload for optimum gas cooling. The 2-bar external gas-quench system consists of a 150-HP motor and a Robinson radial fan wheel and diffuser. SolarVac 3000, an interactive control system, provides the ability to monitor, control and display information graphically.