SECO/WARWICK (Meadville, Pa.) has sold a 2.0VPT-2OQ-4050/48 vacuum carburizing furnace with convection heating and oil quenching system to Hercules Heat Treating Corp. (Brooklyn, N.Y.). The furnace is equipped with a 36-inch x 36-inch x 48-inch hot zone with a maximum temperature of 2400°F and is capable of gas cooling. This vacuum carburizing system consists of a two-chamber furnace with separate heating and quenching chambers.

The pumping system, power supply and cooling systems are generously sized to enable a wide range of industrial heat-treatment applications, including quench hardening, carburizing and tempering, degassing, annealing and solution heat treatment. The Fine Carb? software system controls all typical carburizing processes by the use of recipes already programmed for typical materials and case depth for standard process temperature ranges.