Testing System

The ETMT 8800 multifunctional testing system is ideally suited for testing metals and other conductive materials in industries ranging from metal processing and production to advanced engineering. Combined with a direct resistance heating system, the ETMT 8800 offers full reverse stress loading to 3 kN and unrivalled thermo-mechanical capabilities up to 1500°C (2732°F). It is ideal for measuring mechanical and physical properties and micro-structural stability under thermal pressure. Using miniature test pieces, the ETMT 8800 can achieve fatigue loading rates from 20 N/sec to 1000 N/sec and heating rates up to 200°C/sec. The test system is also designed to study thermo-mechanical fatigue properties of nickel-based superalloys, hard metals (such as tungsten carbide) and lead-free solders. It can also be used to determine the resistivity, thermal expansion coefficients and phase transformations in materials including steels and titanium alloys.

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