Cincinnati Steel Treating automated a nitriding/ferritic nitrocarburizing furnace using Process-Electronic (Montreal) process controls at its Cincinnati heat-treating facility.

Cincinnati Steel Treatingautomated a nitriding/ferritic nitrocarburizing furnace usingProcess-Electronic(Montreal) process controls at its Cincinnati heat-treating facility. The automation upgrade included the modernization of a gas-fired pit furnace with new instrumentation and hardware such as a gas control panel, gas analyzer, furnace exhaust and heat tracing system, and a smart safety system for overheat protection.

Furnace controls are based on a Protherm 500 controller preprogrammed for nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing processes. The controller is connected to Protherm 9800 SCADA software that will monitor and supervise the automatic nitriding/FNC cycles remotely, optimizing the furnace's performance and availability. Installation, integration and testing were completed in July 2006.