Oil company executives recently made another trip to Washington to justify their higher-than-normal profits. Oh that we all had to make that trip! It should strike us all as rather odd that profit-making is suspect and that those who do it well are the lead suspects.

If profit-making is a crime, Industrial Heating confesses to being an accessory to the crime. For the past 75 years, Industrial Heating has been about the business of making you more profitable. In fact, we gauge our success on the profitability of your company. The more you make, the more successful we've been.

Consider the profit contributions Industrial Heating makes to your business:
  • Those with the best technical information are at a competitive advantage. Those with the most up-to-date information are in better position to take advantage of that information and use it to make more profit in the marketplace. Monthly trade publications like Industrial Heating, are in business to do just that - provide the best information available so you can do your work better.
  • Those who spend less time filtering through the mounds of marginal or useless information can spend more time servicing customers and/or improving products or processes. Here again, Industrial Heating is guilty of aiding and abetting the profit-makers. Our goal is to filter out all the "information interference" and deliver to you the most useful (profitable) information available in the marketplace.
  • Delivering information in a user-friendly format helps the information consumer spend less time digesting and more time working - once again helping to increase profits. The internet has introduced several new means of delivering information - websites, email newsletters, blogs, and streaming video to name a few. Industrial Heating offers them all - website, e-newsletter, and print so that no matter how you want information delivered, we can get it to you in that format. This helps you spend less time gathering and digesting information and more time attending to your customers' needs - more time making profit.

We promise we will never call you to account for making too much profit. The more you make, the happier we are.

For 75 years, Industrial Heating has been delivering information to help make your business a success. In the rapidly changing "information world," we're also sharply focused on finding new ways to provide targeted and topical information to further increase your profits.

Enjoy the holidays without profit-guilt. We hope 2006 will be another year of growth and prosperity for you and your company.