Omega Engineering, Inc.

OMEGACLAD thermocouple probes are designed precisely for operations that involve extreme heat for long periods, wide fluctuations between high and low temperature, or corrosive atmospheres. Made with Omega's mineral-insulated cable and nickel-chrome sheathing, these corrosion-resistant probes measure high temperatures with excellent long-term accuracy. These probes can withstand extended exposure to temperatures up to 2435°F in combustion gases or in air. Thanks to the special sheath, which resists corrosion in chlorine-contaminated, oxidizing or ammonia- and nitride-rich environments, drift is negligible. OMEGACLAD probes come in thermocouple types K and N. Standard diameters range from 1/16 to 3/8 inches with a standard length of 6 to 12 inches.